Krossark has been involved in building IOT products since 2015. We build, develop and service IOT, from home projects, automobiles to building drone. We have the expertise to build technology from ground up to help our clients achieve their goals.

Exceptional Team

We are a team of repute with a prefect combination of experienced engineers in hardware, software and firmware. We don’t talk IOT we do IOT.

Execution Excellence

We believe in providing our customers the best in class services. We are the right people, doing the right job, with the right skills at a right time.

Stimulate Ownership

We hold ourselves accountable for our customers and our services. We aim beyond technology, we aim at the human touch that makes a difference.

Success Beyond Us

The success of our organization emerges from the success of our customers. We are enabled by people within and outside our organization.

Our IOT Testing Amenities

Test Approach

End to end quality testing of heterogeneous devices and setting up suitable environment.

Usability Testing

We gather expectations and perceptions of our users to provide them excellent user experience.

Compatibility Testing

Combinations of each device is different. We break down these complexities to integrate them.

Consistency Testing

We build a robust reliable test environment for all the devices and technologies

Safety Testing

We have a vigorous system of testing user authentication, data secrecy, encryption and admission.

Data Veracity Testing

We collect large masses of information and test them to custom its application integrity.


Smart Retail

We provide personalized experience of tracking your product requirement and availability, along with quick notifications, monitoring, mobile payment and relevant content.

Smart Health

We help you be on track with every step you take. We compare your reports, collect raw data and analyze the data to provide you the best solution.

Smart Drone

We specialize in thermal imaging technology fitted on drones to provide you accurate detection and dynamic image output with high-quality sensors and recording.

Smart Play

For all the sport enthusiast, we capture your motion data, analyze it, keep you posted on your ongoing statistics and give you the option of your own personalized display.

Smart Media

We scan your environment, control lighting and enable remote robots. We aim to provide you relevant content, digital walls and constantly push our capabilities.

Smart Home

We focus in providing you security at your home, water intelligence, robotics assistance, air intelligence, stock management and organize your entertainment better.

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