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A wave of various factors—legislative, economic, and organizational pressures−influences the day-to-day challenges in the IT department in every organization. Comprehensive assessment of the controls, reliability, and integrity of an organization’s IT department completely relies on their internal and/or external IT auditors.

The expert audit team evolved at Krossark deftly identifies the risks that currently exist in an organization’s computerized environment, and offer appropriate solutions and recommendations to meticulously manage such risks effectively and efficiently.

Auditors at Krossark analyze and advise organizations on how to accomplish their objectives by assessing the operations, performance, and internal controls; by assessing whether procedures and methods that are adopted are in total compliance to the envisioned polices; and by also assessing if the practices chosen to be implemented are in tandem to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Application Audit

An application audit, as the name suggests, is the specific audit of one particular application. It comprises the evaluation of performance, scalability, or security of an application. This service involves auditing applications against a series of time-tested benchmarks and criteria, eventually providing a detailed written report of audit findings with viable solutions for issues identified.

Security Audit

Krossark recommends a variety of services that are applicable to the security domain. They are enumerated as follows:

  • Penetration Testing

  • ISO 27001

  • ISO 27001 Readiness Assessments

  • Network Vulnerability Assessment

As the name purports, a security audit is an overall technical assessment indicating how the security features have been incorporated and adherence to security procedures within an organization. This service tests and determines the efficiency of existing security parameters; acts as a watchdog for system misuse and abuse by users; ascertains compliance with current security norms; and validates set procedures and intrusions detection.

Project Management

Efficient and effective project management is the key to any successful project delivery confined to the scope, time, and budget constraints. In the absence of constant and consistent supervision and coordination of every detail within each phase of process implementation, a project is very likely to be unsuccessful. In the face of such intense competition, Krossark presents its client with a systematic and methodical approach, irrespective of size, duration, and complexity, to identify, manage, and tackle the risks inherent in an organization and propel toward successful completion and delivery of a project.

Strategic Technology Planning

Organizations need to define their sole purpose and direction of their existence. Strategic planning plays a vital role in this area where organizations make decisions on allocating resources to pursue the objectives of the undertaking.

It also involves how information technology at its best would support IT-enabled investment programs, IT services, and IT assets. A comprehensive strategic IT plan would take into consideration investment/operational budget, funding sources, sourcing and acquisition strategy, and legal and regulatory propositions.

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